Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Writers block

What to write?

It is not that I'm out of inspiration. Contrary, I have too much inspiration and too little time that I don't know what to write and finish. When I get inspiration, then I start with some introductory text and some code samples and/or notes. But when I run out of time in meanwhile, I leave it for as it is too long until I get inspiration about another subject .. and the story continues. I have several unfinished startups. Here are some examples of unfinished articles:

  • Doing the SQL JOIN in DAO
  • Uploading files in JSP
  • Table display, paging and sorting in JSP
  • Export to Excel
  • Using jQuery with JSP/Servlet
  • Website performance tips and tricks

I also analyzed using Google Analytics the 'missing hits' of Google searches which incorrectly listed this blog in the results, but which are in my opinion indeed worth a blog because there is almost no clear information about it at the world wide web (but I unfortunately don't have any practical experience with it, so I can't write something clear and robust enough about it, thus I need more time to play with it first):

  • Using JPA in Eclipse, Tomcat and/or JSF
  • Populate child menus with Ajax in JSF

Geez. I like my job and my family, but it is taking me too much time :o) Which one should I now continue?


Pescadores na Web said...

if possible,
-Website performance tips and tricks

hope you find some time to keep posting these awesome snippets for us!
Your coding help a lot and inspire other thousands of developers to keep going on with the good practices.

BalusC said...

Well, it's currently lowprio. I stopped it when I discovered this article at developer.yahoo.com. I wouldn't have written it any better. The YSlow tool is also really great. Play with it :)

I can maybe at highest write a technical article how to make your JSP/Servlet webapplication to score high in the YSlow grade.

BalusC said...

Your words were honored ;)
Webapplication performance tips and tricks.

didB said...

Hi BalusC,
all your tutorials are great. They help me a lot. For you, this assuredly represents lots of hours working in help of the community. Many thanks for your generosity.

First enjoy your family. And, if ever you have enough time to go on your tutorial the one about Excel file will be appreciate.