Friday, April 26, 2013

ZEEF: get links sieved (zeefed) for you by passionate experts


Unknown said...

Looking forward to using it! Specially with Java subjects.

By the way, are those links in the actual site correct?

I've never read The book "JavaServer Faces 2.0, The Complete Reference", but it has so many bad reviews on Amazon, should it really the 1st book on the list?

BalusC said...

@Rinaldo: blocks are configurable to order links by hits, manually or alphabetically. That particular block is configured to rank links by hits. I admit that this is in this particular block misleading. I've fixed that. Currently, only the blocks "Tutorials", "Blogs", "Articles" and "Answers" are ranked by hits. The remainder manually.

As to the book itself, it's IMO good enough as reference. Remember that JSF has a relatively steep learning curve. Reference books are not necessarily good when you're also completely new to the basics.

Unknown said...

I see. Thank you.

Maybe it is a good idea to display the type of ordering being used in each block. :)

Unknown said...

yes, we are busy with this. We will also show option of the reference of source of the ranking if the expert took it from different location.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very good project - I've always been surprised that Google does not seem to do any filtering out of bad websites like rose india.

Good luck!