Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OmniFaces Showcase is finished!

The new OmniFaces Showcase webapplication is finished! It's available at

Notable is that the showcase webapplication is by itself also open source and freely viewable at GitHub - OmniFaces Showcase. There is so far no CMS for the webapp admin, but adding a new demo page is relatively easy and basically a matter of adding a new page into the /showcase folder of the public webcontent. It'll automatically be recognized and added to the menu on startup. The source code examples are no copies from the real source code, instead they represents the real source code.

The webapplication is deployed at OpenShift, a fully free cloud service wherein you've the option to choose for a JBoss AS 7 server supporting the full Java EE web profile stack. There's only a minor fault, the "Powered by" section mentions that "JSF API 2.0.0 Final" is been used, while it's actually the JBoss AS 7.0.10 bundled Mojarra 2.1.5. We will investigate this JBoss AS 7 specific issue sooner or later.