Wednesday, January 1, 3000


Looking for what's new in Faces?

Here they are: is down!

No panic. I've restored the lists =)

Looking for the latest JSF tutorial?

Here it is: JSF 2.3 tutorial with Eclipse, Maven, WildFly and H2

The Faces 4.0 variant of that tutorial is currently only available in the book The Definitive Guide for Jakarta Faces in Jakarta EE 10.

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Here they are:

What is this blog about?

This blog was originated at a site called "The BalusC Server" which existed since May 1999. That site ran on a privately hosted webserver at home and was available at some IP address until June 2001 and then on until August 2007. That site was primarily targeted at hardware geeks (and was served by an IBM Netfinity 8500R with Octa PII Xeon and 12 SCSI disks in RAID hosted at home ;) ). That site was shut down at 31 August 2007 because of among others the emigration plans of BalusC and his family from The Netherlands to Curaçao.

The two most valuable content groups of that website were the "Hardware" and the "Development" groups. The first one covered very detailed technical specifications of all CPUs and chipsets which were ever released in mankind to date. But it costed too much time to be maintained and the area of interest has been moved, so BalusC decided to stop definitely with that. It was sold to BV. The second one is moved to this blog. You can find them in the Articles bar at the right side. It's all about Java and nothing else.

What is the main language?

This blog will be a mixup of English and Dutch articles. The choice of the language will be based on the availability of comparable content somewhere else on the Internet. If there is lot of them then the article will be written in Dutch. Generally those are the "basic" Java articles (tutorials and knowledgements) which are mainly already available at The more "advanced" Java articles (best practices and useful snippets) which aren't available widely on the Internet will be written entirely in English.

What does 'BalusC' mean?

It's a concatenation of the first two characters of each name part of his full name Bauke Luitsen Scholtz. It was invented at 1995 when he as being a teen created a small ANSI DOS Batch program to select DOS games out of his collection and directly run it and wanted an as unique as possible author name: "Gamemenu made by BALUSC". It had a blue Norton Commander like UI with keyboard navigation and the games were definied as name=executionpath pairs in an ini file. It was for personal purposes only. Later when he for the first encountered Internet and joined the IRC chatrooms at 1996, this acronym was used as nickname to identify himself. After quickly becoming more familiar with the netiquette and having learnt that CAPS == SHOUTING, he decided to lowercase the middle characters so that the nickname 'BalusC' was created. The last character is still uppercased, because 'everyone did it also', referring to the so-called good old l33t speak. Up to now this nickname is still unique and practically all Google hits refers uniquely to himself and/or his (former) website (only those Twitter and Youtube accounts are not his, it was likely coincidence or hijacked).


Yes, the welcome page which you're facing is posted at 1 january 3000.
It's a little trick so that page will be kept on the top of the blog forever =)

It's actually posted at 31 august 2007.


Anonymous said...

Ik wist van niets! Compleet out-of-the-blue voor mij. Had ik dit geweten dan had ik je nog effe geknuffeld afgelopen weekend!


We zullen je missen!

endless said...

Hey Balusc,

Succes op Curacao!
Je site zal gemist worden!

En jullie natuurlijk ook.

Barend // endless

test said...

Where is your forum archive?

Unknown said...

He Bauke,
De content van die geweldige oude site van je is toch niet verloren gegaan he?
Als in: gewist? Dat zou eeuwig zonde zijn....
Anyway, je kent me verder niet, maar ik ga je missen!
Veel succes in Curacao!

Suleman Zia said...

hey BalusC. It would be nice if you post some examples on your blog for a springframework which includes presisting data in database, modelandview, etc...

Just a thought

BalusC said...

Chris: unfortunately I am a JSF developer, not a Spring developer.

Suleman Zia said...

I have been reading your post on java forums. You are the only one experience over there. Too bad you are not a spring developer. I guess with so many model, service and dao classes in spring its very hard to get a reply on the forum even in spring forums also.

JamesB said...

Gook luck with your new job. Your CPU Types pages were unparalleled. They really came in handy a few months ago when I needed to figure out how to decode cpuinfos.

Is this part of the content sold to I couldn't find anything about it on their site. Do you know of another good reference for this information?

BalusC said...

If it comes online, I will post a link as well.

Another reference is Wikipedia. Not as specific as mine was, but it's better than nothing :)

You can also check Intel Processorfinder and AMD Compare.

sfti said...

hi BaukeScholtz, Within 2 years, you have crossed more than 10,000 posts at Sun Developer Forums. Congrats buddy.


Neils said...

Good luck with your new job.
I would like to know if you could distribute a copy of your "" website even if it was sold (a simple text file will be welcome) ?
I realize a hardware recognition software and your website was for me an information source that I can find nowhere else (except
I had never think to record it so this is why I ask you if you can share it.
If you can't, it's not serious and I thank you for everything you have done. If yes, thank you both.
A really good luck with your new life.
And sorry for my bad English

Unknown said...

Hi BalusC,

I saw your article on tailoring Eclipse for J2EE application development, it was really good and lucid!!!It was very helpful.

It would be good if you publish some articles on how to use JAAS with JSF with illustrations.

VladS said...

Hi Bauke,
Your articles are really great and helpfull, thanks a lot!

You are inspiration for all those people who struggle with JSF in their everyday life ;-)

Now, the burning question I have is following: does is pay off to have Google ads on the Website? Compared to potential revenue you might get from publishing a book on the subject or article in professional magazines how does Google ads fare?

I am contemplating about putting online some technical pieces I learnt hard way as J2EE consultant over the years, but being apparently much greeder person then you are, I am trying to figure out first if the whole writing effort worth more then just ooh and aahh from the readers.

I guess your blog is the great way to market yourself to potential clients/employers, but if this is not the case, would you still spend that much time and effort to do such a great job?

I understand the sensitive nature of this question, so it's perfectly fine if it goes answered.


e: vsaddr-in6 at yahoo....

VladS said...

I meant UNanswered ;-)

BalusC said...

The monthly payoff is less than my hourly fare. I've had much better payoffs with my previous site at which got up to ten times more pageviews. But the CTR is relatively good, it is better than with my previous site.

This blog is not made available to sell myself, but just to share new and helpful knowledge which isn't available on the World Wide Web yet. It is a nice entry at my CV though.

Sathya said...

This is really great blog...

Thanks to Balusc ...

Robert Patt-Corner said...


I'd like to talk with you or your company (preferably you) about some outsourced JSF development for my company, including both digital imaging and medical applications.

I'm writing you because I've found your JSF hints and notes extremely valuable in my own work.

You can contact me thru LinkedIn ...


-Robert Patt-Corner

Unknown said...

as James asked in January, and Neils mentioned in February, the Tweakers site has done nothing with your excellent compilation of CPU and Chipset information from the old site... I know this is no longer your interest or focus, but your information was better prepared and displayed than the Intel spec finder, wikipedia, sandpile, or any other source currently online.

I wish there was a copy floating around, or they would put it up for a couple of days so we could access the information... Do you know if they have any intentions of using the data and your hard work? I had emailed before your move, and you were nice to respond then, but it seems like Tweakers has forgotten about the useful info they wanted so badly...

Unknown said...

Very nice page. I havent found anything more useful regarding JSF. Thanks!

PavanKumarGupta Pinnu said...

Hi BalusC,

After checking your reply in Sun Forums and the way of your responce ("Didn't you learn things in more than 2 years? Unbelieveable."), initially I thought you feel great with your knowledge.

But after when I checked your posts in Sun Forum and your Blog page, I understood that, you are trying to educate the forum members in proper way. I felt I misunderstood you, specially after reading the message about

I really thankfull to you because today I decided to learn any thing fully with out stopping it with my requirements.

As, I should not disturb the forum pages with personal information, I posted my openion here.

kaqqao said...

Hi BalusC!

I was wondering what are you using to format the code in your posts?


BalusC said...

I use a (privately) modified java2html plugin for Eclipse.

kaqqao said...

Thanks! I was really struggling with code formatting...

Torben said...

Hey Bauke!

Just wanted to let you know that your blog truly is a treasure for every JSF / JEE developer and has helped me a great deal many a times. Keep up the great work! Many many thanks!

Best regards,
- Torben

Java and liferay life :) said...

its best help for ever for JSF

Tiago Teixeira said...

You're awesome! Thank you!

Webmaster said...

I appreciate the information. Java is one of the consistent player from the development industry which has been providing the wider scope for developers to come out with different solutions.

tkatva said...

Thank you for your blog. I found it to be one of the best JSF websites that I have found. I would like to know if you still work on your blog.

Brian said...

Hey BalusC, I absolutely love your articles. Question: Have you had a chance to work much with java mobile development. If so, do you have any recommended online tutorials or books that would be a good starter for a newbee? Thanks.


BalusC said...

@Tuomas: I plan to post some JSF2 articles later, but I'd like to wait until Eclipse Helios and Tomcat 7 are launched.

@Brian: sorry, I have not been involved in mobile development.

Mohit Jain said...

Hey cool pic on stackoverflow :-)

NiscoRacing said...

Was aan het zoeken naar, intel CPU lijst :)

Unknown said...

I can not express how much I appreciate your blog - Thank you!

Wim said...

Hi, ik weet niet of je dit nog leest. Maar ik vind leuk om te vernemen dat je doof bent. Dat ben ik namelijk ook ;-) Enne, ik gebruik jouw java blog als studiemateriaal. Goed geschreven hoor. Maar ik sta pas aan het begin. Wellicht tot schrijf!

ساري said...

So you don't plan to keep the blog running until the year 3000?
Because if you are, this won't be the first article at a certain point in time.

Ok, this useless comment was my way of saying thank you for your enthusiasm and help in teaching us JSF.

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm new to JSF and Richfaces and have been learning a lot about them in the course of upgrading a web app from JSF1.2/RF3 to JSF2/RF4. (It also uses Spring Webflow which really helps complicate things nicely.)

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you so much for all your writing here and your answers on Stack Overflow. Time and again you've helped me figure out how to get things done!

Rash said...

I don't know how many times you have helped me, and you don't even know about it. You have taught many Java developers a lot. I respect you man. You hold a high regard in my eyes. Just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts and you are truly a legend - despite your physical constraint (Just read about you in wikipedia). Maybe someday I will have the luck to work with you. :)

#itE$# G@rG said...

Awesome 3000 concept..... Loved it.... good creativity dude... :P

Vel said...


You have mentioned in one of your answer in stackoverflow forum, that
Question :

'You only need to keep in mind to encode only the individual query string parameter name and/or value, not the entire URL, for sure not the query string parameter separator character & nor the parameter name-value separator character =.'

Can you please help on how can I able to identify the specific parameters in the URL need to encoded.

Unknown said...

I really enjoy the way you answer questions posted on Stack Overflow.
Greetings from far away of the Caribbean sea I love.