Sunday, October 27, 2019

OmniFaces 3.4 has been released :)

OmniFaces 3.4 has been released :)

Also in this version, not really a lot of new things. Only a new onerror attribute for <o:socket>. It will be invoked on every failed attempt to connect to the server until it gives up and invokes the existing onclose attribute. It's thus more useful than onclose in case you want to take an immediate action when the websocket couldn't connect the server or loses its connection. Other than the new attribute, there are a small handful bugfixes.

You can find the complete list at What's new in OmniFaces 3.4? list in showcase.

Update: on Nov 30, a few more bugfixes were added and 3.4.1 / 2.7.3 were released. You can find the complete list at What's new in OmniFaces 3.4.1? list in showcase.


Non-Maven users: download OmniFaces 3.4.1 JAR and drop it in /WEB-INF/lib the usual way, replacing the older version if any.

Maven users: use <version>3.4.1</version>.


How about OmniFaces 2.x and 1.1x?

The 2.x got the same bugfixes as 3.4.1 and has been released as 2.7.3. This version is for JSF 2.2 users with CDI. In case you've already migrated to JSF 2.3, use 3.x instead.

The 1.1x is basically since 2.5 in maintenance mode. I.e. only critical bugfix versions will be released. It's currently still at 1.14.1 (May 2017), featuring the same features as OmniFaces 2.4, but without any JSF 2.2 and CDI things and therefore compatible with CDI-less JSF 2.0/2.1.