Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Got some t-shirts

I just got some post from Germany.

That's a nice surprise!

It's from Markus Eisele, who also ever interviewed me.

That's no problem! It's a pretty nice GlassFish t-shirt!

This is the back side.

There was also another shirt inside, an Oracle Open World t-shirt.

Thank you, Markus! :)

1 comment:

KISHOR said...

Hi BalusC..,
Thats a great t shirt.
I have something i want to ask you.,
I'm a JSF developer(still learning) i'm huge fan of
your work.
My question is:
I want be a Expert in J2EE technologies specially JSF,
Currently i'm working as a JSF developer but it always feels
like my knowledge is not enough or not complete.
Can you please suggest any Books or learning mechanisms.,

P.s: I couldn't find your email to ask you personally, so I'm posting

Kishor P