Friday, October 29, 2010

Internationalization in JSF with UTF-8 encoded properties files

For my current employer I get paid to -among others of course- write blogs for the local development team. Those blogs are fortunately available online for everyone. So, here's just a link instead of a copypaste ;)

Internationalization in JSF with UTF-8 encoded properties files

I must admit that I miss the lack of syntax highlighting over there as well, we would need to look for a Wordpress plugin for that.


khairil said...

Thanks Balusc. This link is very useful for my current project using jsf2/java 1.6 :)

Unknown said...

Hi Balusc. Nice example of how to use properties files. Is it possible to translate text from the text area. I know that a lot of translators are available, but our users want to have it builtin

Ramesh "Defeat the Defeats;Defeat defeats you" said...

Hi All,

Nice Article.

I Have one question. How to internationalize browse button in fileupload component?
I’m using t:inputFileupload component and i searched it in net but not able to find a solution.

Please give me one solution.

Thanks in advance.

Daniel said...

Hi, Great post!

I'm using GAE , and I'm getting the following error : java.util.ResourceBundle.Control is not supported by Google App Engine's Java runtime environment

Any chance i can use something instead of Control clasS?


Unknown said...

What do you think about localization tools that help the internationalization process? One such tool could be of great help in translating a Java website. I have started using, an online localization tool which seems to work really well. It has translation memory and lots of small enhancements that help up with the translation.